Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth


16oz of long simmered, nutrient dense, Chicken Bone Broth made from antibiotic and hormone free birds will be delivered frozen to your door. Simply place in the freezer for future use (it’s good for 12 months!) or defrost in the fridge for use within 7-10 days. 


Lily’s Ladle Chicken Bone Broth has been simmered for 42 hours to coax as much protein (stay satiated), glucosamine chondroitin (joint and soft tissue support and repair), collagen and gelatin (softer, plumper skin and joints), and amino acids (healthy functioning digestion). We do not add additional salt, feel free to season to accommodate your tastes and dietary restrictions.


We love drinking 8oz per day in place of tea or coffee. It’s also wonderful in soup. This is an incredibly concentrated flavor, so feel free to add water to stretch a soup recipe further. Adding up to 6 cups of water to a quart of bone broth will result in an extremely nutrient dense soup, and still be more flavorful than using a box or can of supermarket stock. Enjoy, be as creative as you want to be! And peek over at the blog for recipe ideas.


    The bones that went into this broth were sourced from Baffoni Farms chickens, in Rhode Island. These birds live a hormone and antibiotic free life. Long simmered for more than 24 hours to coax out the most nourishing minerals and nutrients as possible. Chicken Bone Broth is an excellent and easily absorbable source of collagen, marrow, protein, amino acids and more. Chicken Bone Broth supports healthy digestion, immunity, mental clarity, blood sugar, skin and bone health. Enjoy on it's own, as a base for a soup or stew, and cook with it as you would any fat.


    We believe you are going to love this container of Chicken Bone Broth, but if for any reason we have failed to meet your expectations, we will gladly refund your money. Please note, that we can only accept refunds within the first 3 days of your broth delivery.


    We ship broth Monday-Thursday. Our broth is shipped directly to you via UPS, from our kitchen, with no middle man. You may choose either 2 day or overnight shipping during checkout.


    Filtered Water, Hormone and Antibiotic Free Chicken Bones*, Onion*, Celery*, Leeks*, Carrots*, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley*, Spices.

    *denotes products sourced from farms employing sustainable farming practices.

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