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How it all Began


Ladle Life.

Folks often ask me how I got into the "Broth Business". Really, the answer is that it was an organic process, if you'll pardon the pun. I had a baby at the beginning of a very long and unusually cold and snowy winter. We got sick, our friends and their kids got sick. We waited for the snow plows and ate soup. It was the only thing that made us feel better. Once my family was healthy again, I began "broth bombing" our friends and neighbors; leaving broth I'd made on their porches with text messages to unfreeze and make whatever makes them feel better. Eventually the snow melted, but friends and family kept asking to order more broth, and Lily's Ladle was born.

We are lucky to live in New England and have access to fabulous meat and veggie farms in close driving distance. As I do for my own family, I personally choose farms with sustainable farming practices; meaning meats free of growth hormones or antibiotics, and veggies free of chemicals. Everything that goes into the Lily's Ladle pots is something I would feed to my own growing family.


Eat and enjoy!



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